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Implement the changes from your Website Audit with a healthy, effective and beautiful Squarespace redesign.

From $2,000

A Website Redesign Includes Everything You Need to Improve Your Website.

Unlike other web designers — Bento Sites’ 3-part design strategy focuses on the health, effectiveness and beauty of your website. You don’t just get an attractive design that’s optimized for humans and search engines, you also get a website that’s easy to manage on the Squarespace platform.


Access the Action Plan and stay organized with Pre-Design Tasks, approvals, invoices, email history, etc.


Bento Sites offers several add-ons in the Action Plan for setup and training. Includes 1Password Business, Squarespace eCommerce, Squarespace Campaigns, ConvertKit, Acuity Scheduling, business listings, etc.


Websites are redesigned on Squarespace — the user-friendly website builder that powers millions of websites across hundreds of industries. Receive 20% off a new Squarespace subscription for the first year.


Redesigns rapidly iterate through the 4D Web Design Process (Discover, Design, Develop and Deliver). Includes domain transfers, copyediting, on-site SEO, connecting third-party accounts and everything else outlined in the Action Plan. Most projects are completed in 1 or 2 weeks.


Bento Sites implements the changes that were addressed in your Website Audit.


Receive 1 hour of Squarespace training on the last day of the project and 1 week of post-launch email support.

Designed and Built on Squarespace

Outperform, outgrow and eclipse the competition with a modern, effective and beautiful site that's rebuilt on Squarespace.

How it Works

Step 1: Discover
After completing a Website Audit, the client agrees to the Action Plan (proposal, agreement and invoice) and pays the 50% deposit.

Once the project is scheduled, the client receives the Pre-Design Tasks via the Client Portal. These required tasks are due 7 days before the project start date and include questionnaires and instructions for submitting content and login credentials.

Step 2: Design
After reviewing the Pre-Design Tasks and assets, a visual sitemap is created, the copy is proofread and edited, then mockups and web pages are presented. 2 revisions.

Step 3: Develop
Domains and third-party accounts are connected to Squarespace. Mockups are built as interactive web pages. 1 revision.

Step 4: Deliver
Design tweaks are submitted, the final invoice is paid (remaining 50%) and the client is invited to become a contributor to the site. Projects conclude with Squarespace training via Google Hangouts screen-sharing.


Is a Website Redesign Right for You?

A Website Redesign is for local, national and international small business owners who’ve completed a Website Audit.

  • You want a web designer that understands your needs

  • You want your website completed in approximately 2 weeks

  • You want to migrate your website to Squarespace

  • You agree to complete the questionnaires in detail and on time

  • You agree to provide text, images and graphics on time

  • You agree to review and submit design proofs on time

Website Redesign FAQ

Q: Will you work with design studios and agencies or web designers and SEOs?
A: Not at this time.

Q: What's a Website Redesign?
A: Bento Sites migrates your site from your current content management system (Wix, Wordpress, etc.) to a new platform –– Squarespace –– and then redesigns and rebuilds the site.

Q: Will I lose traffic when my site is migrated to Squarespace?
A: Site migrations are never 100% smooth. You'll likely experience an initial dip in traffic.

Q: I'm interested in Bento Sites, but don't want to use Squarespace. Will you work with another platform?
A: Not at this time. I work exclusively on the Squarespace 7 platform. I've been using Squarespace since Version 5 because of its design and ease-of-use, I highly recommend it to all clients.

Q: How much is a Website Redesign?
A: Depends on the project. All projects start with a Website Audit and that includes an Action Plan for a Website Redesign.

Q: What happens when I agree to the Action Plan?
A: Sign the contract and pay 50% of the invoice online via the Client Portal. The remaining 50% is due one (1) day before the Project completion date. Change Orders may be issued if out-of-scope edits or features are requested, the time period requires adjustment or additional and/or different deliverables are needed.

Q: How long does a Website Redesign take?
A: Most projects are completed in 2 weeks. Small projects can be completed in 1 week.

Q: Who will own the website?
A: The client.

Q: Will I be able to request changes during or after the website's launched?
A: Up to 2 revisions are allowed during the project and 1 week of email support after the website is completed. Request for changes after the website is completed will be invoiced.

Q: I need a large website with a lot of customization. Can you help me?
A: No. Bento Sites helps small businesses with small websites and works on the Squarespace consumer platform.

Q: I'm not a former client, but can I hire Bento Sites for some work?
A: No. Bento Sites only provides hourly service to former clients.

Q: Does Bento Sites specialize in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?
A: SEO is part of the design strategy, not an afterthought. Bento Sites follows white hat SEO best practices. However, if you desire a heavy focus on SEO, then you may want to hire an SEO specialist.

Q: Can you move my domain with the Website Redesign?
A: Yes. As long as you provide access to your domain registrar.

Q: I don't have any photos of my business and can't afford a professional photographer. What should I do?
A: Use a modern smartphone camera (iPhone 8+, etc.) might be enough. Bento Sites can also adjust or tint the images to make them appear more professional.

Q: How do I provide my website text, images, usernames, passwords, etc.?
A: Bento Sites uses Google Drive for collecting website assets (text, images, graphics, audio, video, etc.) and the Client Portal for passwords. Both are free of charge for clients.

Q: How long will I have access to the Client Portal?
A: The Client Portal remains open for 7 days after the project is completed. On the 8th day, access to the Client Portal closes.

Squarespace FAQ

Q: What's Squarespace?
A: Squarespace is the modern, secure and beautiful all-inclusive website builder and content management system (CMS). There's no software to download nor install –– simply login from a computer from a modern browser.

Q: Will I be able to manage and update the website myself?
A: Yes. Once the project is completed, Bento Sites provides clients with 1 hour of Squarespace training on launch day and 1-week of post-launch email support. In addition, Squarespace provides 24/7 award winning customer service. If you still need help, hire Bento Sites at an hourly rate.

Q: There are several free and inexpensive Website Builder and CMS platforms. Why Squarespace?
A: Unlike free and cheaper DIY platforms, Squarespace offers an all-inclusive package with high-quality software that's beautiful and user-friendly for clients to update and manage themselves.

Q: Is Squarespace secure?
A: Yes. Squarespace handles all of the security upgrades for their servers and the technical details to ensure your website is always up and running. In addition, since customer payment data isn't stored on Squarespace, customers don't need to worry about data breaches.

Q: Is Bento Sites a Squarespace site?
A: Yes. I use the Brine template.

Q: Can you import my blog to Squarespace 7?
A: Blogs can be imported from Squarespace 5, Blogger, Tumblr and WordPress. If you don't use any of those platforms, each blog post will need to be independently copied into Squarespace which might increase the total cost.

Q: Can I keep my business email address ( once I move to Squarespace?
A: Yes. If you don't have a business email, Bento Sites can acquire one for you with Squarespace's integration with Google's G Suit.

Q: How can I find my sitemap?

Q: Will my Squarespace website have an app?
A: No. A website is a collection of pages to be viewed on the internet –– not an app. However, iOS (iPhone, iPad) users can create shortcuts to their home screens that look just like app icons. To do this, open Safari on iOS. Click the Action Arrow. Click Add to Home Screen. Try saving the Bento Sites website to your home screen now.

Q: Can I manage my website on my phone or tablet?
A: Clients can create blog posts and check e-commerce sales and analytics from any device with the Squarespace mobile apps, but a laptop or desktop computer is necessary for updating content on Squarespace.

Q: How will my website look on mobile?
A: Wonderful! Websites are optimized for mobile, tablets and desktops.

Q: Will my website always be online?
A: As long as the annual Squarespace subscription is paid and you don't disable your site's main navigation, a Squarespace site will remain online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q: How can I monitor the traffic on my website?
A: Use Squarespace Analytics while logged into your site. You can also view this data with Google Analytics (iOS) (Android).

Q: Can customers contact me through the website?
A: Yes. Forms can be set up to automatically deliver messages to your inbox. In addition, forms can also be used to collect information with integrations for Squarespace Email CampaignsMailChimp and Google Docs. Other options include the following:

  • Add a phone number, email address and mailing address.

  • Add an online form that Squarespace will forward to your email.

  • Add a live chat box.

  • Add help desk software.

  • Add social accounts.

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