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A Healthy Website – On Every Device

Create a consistent and compelling message that drives traffic and increases conversions with a responsive Website Design that’s built on Webflow or Squarespace.


4 Phases Of The Web Design Phases

No matter the size of your project, you’ll love this highly organized and efficient process — from the proposal to launch day!


Phase 1: Discover
Research and Strategy

The client completes the Creative Briefing Questionnaires. Then, Bento Sites analyzes and synthesizes the research. After that, the client and Bento Sites meet to outline the website goals, content, visual design and formulate a strategy.


Phase 2: Design
Design Your Website

A hierarchical list of all the pages to be designed (i.e. sitemap) is created. Then, static representations of each page are sketched (i.e. wireframes). Website copy is proofread and edited to ensure it’s concise, keyword-rich and crafts a brand-matching voice with visual balance and contextual flow.


Phase 3: Develop
Build Your Website

Web pages are built and optimized for mobile, tablets and desktops. Images are resized and compressed. On-page SEO is improved. Social media and third-party accounts are connected. Email marketing and third-party integrations are connected.

Once the site ready to be viewed and approved, a site-wide password is enabled until launch day.


Phase 4: Deliver
Complete Your Project

The final invoice and Squarespace fees are paid. Domain names are connected, transferred or registered. Google Analytics is setup. XML sitemaps are submitted to Google and Bing. If applicable, redirects are setup and Squarespace add-ons are purchased.

The project concludes with 1 hour of Squarespace training, transferring website ownership, setting up contributor permissions and launching the website. Receive 1 week of post-launch email support.

How It Works

  1. Contact Bento Sites

  2. Bento Sites reviews your information and responds via email or phone.

  3. If Bento Sites can help with your project, we’ll arrange a free consultation via phone, Skype, Google Hangouts or in person (if you’re located in Metro Atlanta).

  4. Bento Sites emails a proposal that outlines the process, cost and deliverables of the project.

  5. Accept the proposal, sign agreement and pay the 50% deposit to initiate your project.

Website Design FAQ

Q: What's a Website Redesign?
A: Bento Sites migrates your site from your current content management system (e.g. Wix, WordPress) to Webflow or Squarespace and then redesigns and rebuilds the site.

Q: Will I lose traffic when my site is migrated to Squarespace?
A: Site migrations are never 100% perfect. You'll likely experience an initial dip in traffic. Also, if your site is brand new, you may also be sandboxed by Google for a period of time.

Q: I'm interested in working with Bento Sites, but don't want to use Webfow or Squarespace. Will you work with another platform?
A: Not at this time

Q: How long does a Website Design take?
A: Most projects are completed in 2 weeks.

Q: Will I own the website?
A: Absolutely. Bento Sites is just the designer.

Q: Will I be able to request changes during or after the website's launched?
A: Up to 2 revisions are allowed during the project for most phases. In addition, you’ll receive 1 week of email support after the website is completed. Request for changes after the website is completed will be invoiced.

Q: I'm not a previous client, but can I hire Bento Sites?
A: Yes, schedule Website Coaching call.

Q: Does Bento Sites specialize in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?
A: Bento Sites follows white hat SEO best practices and makes SEO part of the design strategy, not an afterthought.

Q: Can you transfer my domain with the Website Design?
A: Yes. As long as you provide login credentials to your domain registrar when completing the Briefing Questionnaires.

Q: I don't have any photos of my business and can't afford a professional photographer. What should I do?
A: Use a modern smartphone camera (iPhone 8+ or newer) might be enough. Bento Sites can also adjust or tint the images to make them appear more professional.

Q: How do I provide my website copy, images, usernames, passwords, etc.?
A: Bento Sites uses Google Drive for collecting website assets (photos, graphics, audio, video, etc.). 1Password and other options are used for submitting account logins. All of the above, are free of charge for clients.

Q: Will you work with design studios, agencies, web designers or SEOs?
A: Not at this time.