Emergency Manager

Emergency Manager


Managing your business can be exhausting, but don’t forget to take care of the most important asset — you! Download the Emergency Manager workbook.

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I didn’t think that I actually need this at first, but it’s so convenient having everything in one place, especially when traveling. The Emergency Manager helped me organize all of my family’s medical information. Even the dog! I can update it once or 100 times!
— Sarah S.
A simple way to keep all the information I need in one place. The Emergency Manager makes you think about areas that you would probably forget and makes sure the information is comprehensive and safe. Now, my family now has access to all my crucial information.
— Rick S.

Password Managers

The most secure and accessible location to protect the Emergency Manager is a password manager. Learn how to securely store, transport and share your confidential information safely across multiple devices with my favorite password manager - 1Password. (requires a separate purchase from a third party).

  1. Why You Need a Password Manager

  2. My Recommendation

  3. 1Password Families



Store backups of your official documents. Photograph IDs and attach them inside the Emergency Manager. Maintain an up-to-date medical ID for you and your pet(s), too!

  1. Driver's License

  2. International Driving Permit (IDP)

  3. Medical ID

  4. Medical ID: For iPhone and Apple Watch

  5. Medical ID: For Pets

  6. Passport

  7. Social Security Card



Secure your devices, protect online accounts and internet activity. Photograph spare keys and attach them inside the Emergency Manager, too!

  1. Access Codes

  2. Backups

  3. Devices

  4. Identity Verification Q&A

  5. Keys

  6. Logins

  7. Secure File Sharing

  8. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

  9. Virtual Private Network (VPN)



Record your insurance companies, agents and relevant information for quick reference and emergencies. Keep insurance notes in a single location, too!

  1. Auto Insurance

  2. Auto Insurance: Notes

  3. Health Insurance

  4. Health Insurance: Notes

  5. Homeowners Insurance

  6. Homeowners Insurance: Notes

  7. Life Insurance

  8. Life Insurance: Notes

  9. Renters Insurance

  10. Renters Insurance: Notes

  11. Travel Insurance

  12. Travel Insurance: Notes


Medical History

Document your medical history for quick reference and emergencies. Log measurements, too!

  1. Allergies

  2. Family History

  3. Family History: Notes

  4. Immunizations

  5. Measurements: For Males

  6. Measurements: For Females

  7. Medical Conditions

  8. Medical Devices

  9. Medications

  10. Medications: Notes

  11. Supplements

  12. Supplements: Notes


Emergency Preparedness

Learn how to prepare, plan and stay informed before, during and after emergencies. Learn about healthcare power of attorney and living wills, too!

  1. Emergency Preparedness: Introduction

  2. Emergency Preparedness: Checklist

  3. Emergency Preparedness: American Red Cross Apps

  4. Emergency Supplies: Starter Kit Checklist

  5. Emergency Supplies: First Aid Kit Checklist

  6. Emergency Supplies: Personalized Kit Checklist

  7. Emergency Supplies: Car Kit Checklist

  8. Emergency Escape Instructions

  9. Emergency Escape Routes

  10. Emergency Escape Meeting Spots

  11. Emergency Evacuation Items

  12. Family Password

  13. Healthcare Power of Attorney

  14. Home Inventory Apps

  15. How to Make International Phone Calls

  16. How to Report a Missing Child

  17. Living Will

  18. Medical Consent

  19. Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA)


Emergency Contacts

Maintain an up-to-date record of your emergency contacts for quick reference and emergencies. Add schools and utility companies, too!

  1. Attorney

  2. Babysitters

  3. Day Care

  4. Dentist

  5. House Sitters

  6. Emergency Contacts

  7. Emergency Contacts: For Travelers and Expatriates

  8. Emergency Contacts: For Children

  9. Emergency Numbers

  10. Eye Doctor

  11. Pediatrician

  12. Pet Sitters

  13. Pharmacy

  14. Physician

  15. Schools

  16. Specialists

  17. Utility Companies

  18. Veterinarian


PDF Format

The Emergency Manager is a PDF that can be opened in the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader (iOS) (Android) or Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (macOS) (Android). Just ensure you’re using the most up-to-date version.

Preview on macOS) and Apple iBooks on iOS don’t support all of the functionality that’s available in the Emergency Manager — including photo attachments, rich text and more. For the best experience, use the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Interactive Forms

The Emergency Manager contains interactive forms with fields that can be selected (dates, checklists) or filled in. To quickly enter information, use your computer's tab key to switch between fields.


Rich Text

The Notes' fields support rich text, so you can bold, italicize and underline your notes.


Scrollable Notes

In the notes’ fields, click Return to create scrollable notes.

There's More...

Duplicate Pages
Duplicate pages whenever you need to add additional information – medication, emergency contacts, etc.

Stay Up-To-Date
Easily update changes to any form. Just delete the previous information, then enter the new information.

Print High-Quality Copies
Print high-quality copies (8.50 x 11.00 inches) of any page.

  • Depending on your printer, the color may vary from screen to print.

  • You may need to select US Letter (borderless) in your software’s print settings to ensure the printed copy matches the digital design.

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