Healthy Web Design for Unhealthy Websites

Healthy Web Design for Unhealthy Websites

Find out if your small business website is healthy and effective. Start with a FREE Website Audit.



Jeff Shibasaki

Web Designer

Get Your Website into Shape – from Header to Footer!

Bento Sites is an Atlanta web design studio that helps small business owners take control of their websites with business listings, website audits, Squarespace redesigns and DIY resources.


Business Listings

Business Listings is the one-stop solution to get listed on the most popular business directories (Google, Bing, Apple, Facebook, Yelp) and improve your local SEO strategy.

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Website Audit

A Website Audit is the full examination of the aesthetics, architecture, content and SEO of a small business website.

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Website Redesign

A Website Redesign is for small business owners who’ve completed a Website Audit and want a 2-week Squarespace redesign.

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