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Get listed on the most popular business directories — Google, Bing, Apple, Facebook, Yelp — and improve your local SEO strategy.


Convert Free Traffic into Customers with Compelling Business Listings on Google, Bing, Apple, Facebook and Yelp

Unlike other web designers and SEOs — Bento Sites claims, verifies, cleans-up and optimizes each listing. Plus, get an Action Plan with exclusive tips and resources and your questions answered during a Strategy Call.


Business listings on Google appear on Google Search (inside a box called the Business Profile), Google Maps and Google Assistant calls. Data is powered by Google and other third-party sources.

Bing (Microsoft)
Business listings on Bing appear on Bing Search (inside a box called the Business Profile) and Bing Maps. Data is powered by Bing, Yelp, Facebook, Foursquare and other third-party sources.

Business listings on Apple appear on Apple Maps (default maps app), Siri and CarPlay. Data is powered by Apple, Yelp and other third-party sources.

Business listings on Facebook appear on Facebook.

Business listings on Yelp appear on Yelp. Apple and Bing use also Yelp to populate data for unverified businesses, star ratings and reviews.


Step 1. Claim Listings

According to comScore, the top 15 smartphone apps include Facebook (#1), Google Search (#4), Google Maps (#5) and Apple Maps (#13). Bento Sites completes these business profiles, including Bing, and claims the listings so business owners can manage how their company appears in these directories.

If your business has already been claimed and verified on one of the above directories, Bento Sites starts at Step 3.

Step 2. Verify Listings

Business listings are verified by phone, email, mail or website. To verify each listing, the business owner receives a code which they forward to Bento Sites to complete the verification process.

If your business has already been claimed and verified on one of the above directories, Bento Sites starts at Step 3.


Step 3. Cleanup Inaccurate Listings

Business listings that aren’t up-to-date confuse potential customers, miss opportunities and lose sales. Bento Sites cleans-up each business listing to ensure potential customers identify the business as accurate, relevant and trustworthy.

Step 4. Cleanup Incomplete Listings

Incomplete business listings are often missing interior and exterior images, business categories, links, mission statement, price range and more. Bento Sites cleans-up each listing to ensure every detail is complete and consistent.


Step 5. Cleanup Duplicate Listings

Duplicate listings contain more than one listing on the same business directory. This often occurs when a business relocates and doesn’t update the current listing or customers leave a rating or review at a different address. Bento Sites merges duplicates into one listing.

Step 6. Optimize Listings

Even when a business has a verified, accurate and complete listing, it may not be optimized. Bento Sites proofreads and copyedits each listing to improve marketability, then optimizes it for keywords and correctly sizes and compresses images.


Bonus: Action Plan + Strategy Call

Knowing how to effectively manage and promote listings with an effective strategy is critical to being found and converting prospects into customers. With the Action Plan, business owners have a ready to go strategy to manage their listing, improve engagement grow their business.

The Strategy Call is scheduled when reserving Business Listings. At the appointment time, Bento Sites contacts the client via phone or Google Hangouts to review the listings, Action Plan and answer questions.

Take Control of Your Business Listings on the Most Important Directories

Listings legitimize businesses, increase local visibility and are a crucial ranking factor in competitive local search.

78% of local mobile searches result in offline purchases.
— comScore
50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020.
— comScore

How it Works

Step 1: Reserve Business Listings
Choose a date and time for the Strategy Call. Then, answer questions about your business and submit payment.

Step 2: Listings are Claimed, Verified, Cleaned Up & Optimized
Bento Sites claims and verifies business listings, then performs a cleanup to ensure each listing is accurate, complete, consistent and optimized for customers and algorithms.

Step 3: Receive Login Instructions & Action Plan
Receive the Action Plan and login instructions for each business listing 24 hours before the Strategy Call. Review listings to ensure they meet your satisfaction (1 revision). During the Strategy Call, Bento Sites answers any remaining questions.

For post card verifications, Bento Sites contacts the business owner 7 business days after submission for the verification code. Alternatively, the business owner can contact Bento Sites as soon as the postcard arrives or enter the verification code himself/herself. Once all listings have been verified, the project is complete.


Is Business Listings Right for You?

Bento Sites is located in Atlanta, Georgia and serves local, national and international small business owners.

  • You serve customers face-to-face at your location

  • Your business is/is not listed

  • Your listings need to be cleaned-up and optimized

  • Your business has a physical address

  • Your business is not a temporary location

  • Your business is not a home-based business

  • Your business does not use a P.O. Box

  • You understand Bento Sites' core values

Business Listings FAQ

Q: Is Bento Sites affiliated with Google, Bing, Apple, Facebook and Yelp?
A: No. Bento Sites acts as an authorized representative of the business owner.

Q: When do I pay for the Business Listings?
A: Pay when scheduling the Strategy Call.

Q: Is Business Listings refundable?
A: No. Once the date and time are scheduled and paid for, Bento Sites immediately begins preparing.

Q: What type of payment do you accept?
A: Debit and credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover and Diners Club.

Q: Why do you need my phone number or Gmail username?
A: During the Strategy Call, Bento Sites contacts clients to review the business listings, Action Plan and answer questions. If you prefer not to use your phone number, create a free Google Account to use Google Hangouts.

Q: I’ve already claimed and verified one or more business listings. Can you give me a discount?
A: I’m afraid not. The price is fixed. Bento Sites reviews all listings (claimed or unclaimed) and often finds inconsistencies with current listings that need to be cleaned-up and optimized.

Q: I need business listings for multiple locations? Can you help me?
Yes. Contact Bento Sites for pricing and specify how many locations you need claimed.

Q: Will you help me claim more business listings?
Not at this time. Bento Sites only focuses on the most important business listings. However, the Action Plan details how to claim more local and niche listings.

Q: Will I be able to access my listings even if they haven’t been verified?
Yes. During verification, you can login and review your listings, but it any changes or corrections won’t appear live until the verification process is complete.

Q: How long does verification take?
A: Once a project is reserved, Bento Sites reviews the submission form to ensure all of the requested information has been submitted, then completes the project at the scheduled date and time. The verification process can take 1-3 weeks.

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