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Every Small Business Owner Should be able to Have a Healthy Website


Healthy Web Design

Jeff Shibasaki started Bento Sites with the belief that every small business owner should be able to have a healthy website which they can easily manage. In fact, that’s why Jeff modeled Bento Sites after bento — the Japanese meal-in-a-box that includes all of the essential food groups. He wanted to create a web design recipe that reflected the healthy benefits of bento.


Self-Managed Website
Give small business owners 100% control and full ownership of their websites.

Democratize web design, SEO and digital marketing with services and DIY products.

Make websites beautiful — from header to footer.

Highly Organized
Improve organization — from the back-end to the customer-facing front-end. Highly organized websites improve visitor navigation and help them complete tasks.

Less, but better.

Great content makes a compelling website.

A successful website is heavily branded, recognizable and delivers a clear message with calls to action in a beautiful and modern package.

Marketing Strategy
A website without a strategy is just an expensive brochure. SEO and digital marketing are part of the web design process, not an afterthought.

Satisfies Visitors & Search Engines
Analytics, branding, content, design, SEO, usability — visitor and search engine satisfaction starts here!

Designed in Atlanta, Georgia

To help small business owners take control of their websites and digital marketing.

Service Area
Bento Sites is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia (EDT / GMT-4) and serves local, national and international clients.

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Meet Jeff Shibasaki

Jeff Shibasaki is the founder of Bento Sites. He's the one-man design team and marketing solution that's helping small business owners take control of their websites and digital marketing.

For more than a dozen years, Jeff lived in Thailand, South Korea and Japan — helping everyone from sea gypsies to businesspeople effectively communicate across borders. Today, Jeff and his family live in Atlanta where he helps local, national and international small business owners effectively communicate and market their businesses online.

Jeff has designed websites on Squarespace 5, 6 and 7. Follow him on social media, read his Bento Sites Blog, Culture Gaps Blog or leave him a question, comment or suggestion.

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