Healthy Web Design for Unhealthy Websites

About Bento Sites

Bento Sites is an Atlanta web design studio that helps small business owners take control of their websites with audits, Squarespace redesigns and DIY resources.


How Bento Sites Improves Your Website

Jeff Shibasaki started Bento Sites with the belief that small businesses should have a effective website which they can manage themselves. In fact, that’s why Jeff modeled Bento Sites after the Japanese lunchbox called bento. This healthy meal was the perfect symbol for the type of websites he longed to design.

Jeff adapted bento for websites and called his recipe, “healthy web design for unhealthy websites.”


Today, Jeff’s expanded his recipe for healthy web design to 2 services — Website Audit and Website Redesign — to help small business owners grow their businesses.

That’s how Bento Sites improves websites. Healthy web design for unhealthy websites.


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Designed in Atlanta, Georgia

To help small business owners take control of their websites with audits, Squarespace redesigns and DIY resources.

Service Area
Bento Sites is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia (EDT / GMT-4) and serves local, national and international clients.

Mailing Address
6555 Sugarloaf Pkwy, Suite 307-201, Duluth, Georgia, 30097

Contact Bento Sites via Live Chat, the contact form or send me a direct message on social media.

Core Values

Make it simple — for business owners, website visitors and search engines.

Don’t avoid the truth, but be honest and empathetic with the truth.

Time is a precious commodity — yours, mine and our audiences.

If the message isn't clear, the sales won't be either.

Quality first — from behind-the-scenes workflows to every post, product and service.

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Meet Jeff Shibasaki

Jeff Shibasaki (web designer, blogger) is the founder of Bento Sites and Culture Gaps. He's the one-man design team and marketing solution that's helping small business owners take control of their websites.

For more than a dozen years, Jeff lived in Thailand, South Korea and Japan — helping everyone from sea gypsies to businesspeople effectively communicate across borders. Today, Jeff and his wife live in Atlanta, Georgia where he helps small business owners effectively communicate their business online.

Jeff has designed websites on Squarespace 5, 6 and 7. Follow him on social media, read his Bento Sites Blog, Culture Gaps Blog or leave him a question, comment or suggestion.

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